Phantom of the Opera


I had the good fortune of becoming an original castmember of the Broadway Company of Phantom of the Opera when it opened in 1988. Now, some 18 years later, Phantom has become the largest entertainment event of all time. Much has been written over the years of the “phenomenon” that the show has become, as it still continues to break records.

I have included here articles and photos, which address many facets of the show; even the original New York Time’s review of the show by Frank Rich, which I think is fascinating because it is not exactly a rave. You may also check my memory blog for more detailed stories.

By the record-breaking performance on Jan 9, 2006, some 244 performers had been castmembers in the Broadway Company. That’s only an average of about 12 replacements per year, which is a relatively small number when one thinks about it. Each of these performers has their own stories and perspective and they are all unique.

Here on my website is my own scrapbook of what would be an incredible unexpected journey; opening a Tony Award winning show, meeting my husband Kevin Gray, touring the US with the Phantom 1st National Company and getting a chance to step out of the chorus to play the leading role.