Some frequently asked questions excerpts from an interview:

How many years were you in Broadway shows?

Twelve altogether. I joined the Broadway Company of CATS in Feb. 1984, and worked straight through until I joined the original cast of Phantom in Dec. 1987. I then continued working on Broadway until 1991, when I then joined the Phantom U.S. National Tour in Chicago, and toured with them to thirteen cities. I left the company Christmas of 1993. I then took some time “off” from touring, and joined Kevin who was then performing Miss Saigon in Los Angeles. While in LA from ‘95-97 I wrote and recorded, and played guitar and sang with a “showband” in Las Vegas called ‘Heart and Soul”. In 1998 both Kevin and I joined the First National Tour of “Titanic”. We left the tour in 2000. Since 2000 I have done 5 shows in Regional theaters.

What parts did you play in the Broadway shows?

In CATS I played Victoria, Sillabub, Jellylorum, Jennyanydots and Rumpleteaser. In Phantom I played 8 parts over the years. I was initially hired to play a ballerina and understudy Meg, which I did for three years, as well as understudying the singing chorus ladies. I was then promoted to Christine Understudy when I went out on the tour. On the Titanic tour I was a “swing” for 6 parts, Mrs. Weidner, Mrs. Cardoza, Mme Aubert, Edith Evans, Mrs. Thayer and a stewardesses.

Did you ever get to play the leading role in Phantom?

Yes, I finally did. It was a long wait, and a ton of hard work, but worth it. Especially since I got to perform with my husband, Kevin Gray who was playing the Phantom; (only we weren't married at that point).

Which came first Broadway or Country?

Actually, country, and songwriting in general. I started writing songs when I first began learning the guitar at age twelve. Thankfully I've gotten better since then! I had a working band by age fifteen and I guess you could say I was hooked. I never even saw a Broadway show until well into my twenties. So Broadway was a huge stroke of luck, and well maybe, fate.

Do you think you'll ever do another Broadway show?

At this point I'm focused on my recording and songwriting. But you never know! Maybe someone will make me an offer I can't refuse!

Isn't it hard travelling all the time?

When I was first asked to go on the road I didn't want to because I thought the same thing. But living in so many cities gave me an education and perspective of the country that I never would have achieved otherwise and I cherish that. I have also made friends all over the country! So I'd say for me, the plusses out weighed the minuses. The hardest part, for sure however, was taking the animals with us. At first we left most of them home, but as we realized we weren't going home anytime soon, we decided to take the rest of our "family" and all the things that we wanted to use, like guitars, computer, etc. with us so that we could make a home everywhere we went. We have learned to streamline, however!