CATS opened at the Winter Garden Theater on Broadway in October 1982. It became an instant success and went on to win the Tony Award for “Best Musical” as well as several other awards, in June of 1983.

CATS was the very first Broadway show for which I ever auditioned. Before that, I had little interest in the field, as I was busy with my ballet company and songwriting work.

But then, one day in 1982 I saw an audition notice on the board of Morrelli Dance School in New York, which I frequented. I was intrigued not only because of the subject matter (I love cats), but more particularly they were seeking a ballet trained dancer who could sing well, both of which I did very well. (You can read about that audition in my memory blog)

Although I did not land a job in that original cast, I did get hired a year and a half later as one of the first replacements. Consequently, I had the good fortune of working with most of the original cast.

As the years went by CATS “Now and Forever”, would go on to break the record of Broadway’s longest running show.

I had performed in CATS for 4 years when I was called to audition for the original company of Phantom of the Opera in November of 1988. If that show had not come along, there’s no telling how long I would have stayed with CATS. I loved my job there and had no desire to leave, as CATS was still the biggest show on Broadway. Little did I know that my new job a Phantom would take over that title.