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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


New News!
After working on "High School Musical" in the spring I took some time off and then dove into my next project, Kevin's solo CD. After two trips to Nashville the orchestra tracks are done thanks to my friend and co- arranger Kristin Wilkinson. We'll keep you posted.
Meantime, I am currently Co-Directing & Co-Choreographing
"Will Rogers Follies" at Bedford Middle School in Westport, with Performances Feb 2, 3, 4 2008.

Check out my diary posting, pics and articles, about
CATS and
"High School Musical" in "Dodie Directs"

Diary Posting:
September 2007

In the past year my life has taken a turn in a direction that I had never planned. I have directed two shows, CATS and "High School Musical". Honestly I have never aspired to be a director nor solicited as such. I have always focused on being an artist.

However, looking back, the opportunity to direct CATS came to me at the perfect time in my life and the perfect circumstance. I just couldn't turn it down. My only fear was that the new generation of young performers I would work with, (i.e. teens,) wouldn't have the interest that I did in the show. Happily, I was wrong. The performers showed some tentative commitment at first, but it quickly gave way to total immersion and love of the play. And this led to a wonderful experience that I will always remember. There is nothing better to see than someone fall in love with what you love when you pass it along to them.

Looking back, there was no better show for me to direct as my first try than CATS. Even though it had been many years since I had done it on Broadway, I did not realize how deeply engrained it was until I started rehearsals.  It simply lives in a part of my artistic soul that will never die. I came to accept during the process that, even though I considered myself a novice at directing, who better to pass along this special piece to another generation than I? I say that with humility, I am not the only alumnus of the show that could have done this, but I was the only one to fill the job at the moment. So I look at the experience both as a piece of luck as well as serendipity. I simply could not say no.
As far as High School Musical goes, that also came along serendipitously. There was an opening for director at Coleytown Middle School and because of the success of CATS I got a call.  However, I was ambivalent about taking the job because frankly I couldn't think of a show that I was excited to do. Selecting a show for teens is tricky.
But then, High School Musical simply just appeared in my life. One of my students announced one day that it was her favorite musical. I was intrigued because I had never heard of it so I asked her to lend me her DVD. After a few times viewing it, I realized that it would be the perfect musical to do. End of story.
Check out "Dodie Directs" for pictures, news articles and letters from students about the two shows.

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