Dodie's CD's & Videos

Listen to Dodie and Kevin Gray sing "The Phantom of the Opera"

1. "Songs From the Journey"

2. "The Flame" - CD Single from "Songs From the Journey"

3. "The Flame" - Video from "Songs From the Journey"

4. "Playin' With the Boys"

5. "Voices of Broadway - Songs of Conscience and Hope"

6. "The Right to Choose" - video from "Voices of Broadway"

7. "Kevin Gray - It's My Time to Shine"

8. Selections from "Dracula… the Covenant"

Dodie's first musical co-written with Kevin Gray in 1999-2000. The musical premiered at the Stonington Opera House, Stonington Maine in 2003. This is the author's "demo" of the show, all parts sung by Dodie and Kevin Gray.

9. "A Frog's Tale, A Musical Fable"

Dodie and Kevin's newest venture is a charming Musical Storybook for ages 3-7.  The main character "The Littlest Frog" is aptly named for his size, but as the story progresses, he experiences many adventures, characters and memorable songs along the way “up the hill, and home again.” Kevin narrates and sings the songs in character. The CD comes with an accompanying Illustrated Storybook which is also available as an ebook on BookBaby. The book is narrated in 10 Track segments, 45 min total. It can be read in two evenings, “Act 1” Tracks 1-5, “Act 2” Tracks 6-10 (22 min each). Or can be read on an as-need basis by segment. For convenience the songs from the story repeat on Tracks 11-17.

10. "Broadway's Fabulous Phantoms"

Broadway's Fabulous Phantoms is a collection of songs sung by actors who played the role of "The Phantom" in Broadway's Phantom of the Opera. Many audiences have never had the opportunity to see and hear this talented group unencumbered by the many challenges of the Phantom role.

Performers include Dodie's husband Kevin Gray who sings her song "It's My Time to Shine", along with Michael Crawford, Howard McGillin, Brad Little, Hugh Panaro, Mark Jacoby, David Gaschen, Steve Barton, Ted Keegan, Gary Mauer, and Davis Gaines.

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